Aledade Supports and Participates in Delaware’s New Program to Transform the State’s Primary Care

December 1, 2020

By Ahmed Haque

Since Aledade’s founding, we have been committed to partnering with Delaware primary care physicians to deliver high-quality, high-value patient care. As one of our first ACOs, the Aledade Delaware ACO has grown to include 26 leading primary care practices responsible for providing care to over 20,000 Medicare beneficiaries. While we have made much progress in bringing value-based care to Delaware, we are truly excited for the future of our Delaware ACO. Why? Our efforts are not alone as the state has expanded its efforts to help doctors and reaffirmed its commitment to being a national leader in health care innovation.

Their latest effort is a Practice Transformation Services Project to help all primary care practices across the state adopt value-based payment models and to improve population health. This effort is being led by Delaware Center for Health Innovation (DCHI), which is committed to guiding a new State Health Care Innovation Plan focused on the “Triple Aim”: improving the health of Delawareans, improving health care quality, and controlling health care costs. This new program is made possible by a State Innovation Model (SIM) grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

Aledade has long supported the State’s health care innovation efforts – but we are most excited about participating in this new effort.

At the core of the Practice Transformation Services Project are 11 milestones related to care delivery transformation, payment reform, and population health management. Aledade worked closely with the State to inform the development of these milestones and they closely align with our company values.

DCHI selected four health care organizations to provide hands-on technical assistance to primary care practices to help them meet the 11 milestones. Aledade has partnered with one of these organizations, Remedy Healthcare Consulting, who will provide care management support services to Aledade ACO practices.

In cooperation with Aledade’s Delaware team, our partnership with Remedy Healthcare Consulting will provide another valuable layer of ACO practice support, including on-site and remote coaching and transformation educational opportunities. For patients, the partnership means primary care physicians delivering the benefits of value-based care, such as seamless coordinated care and a focus on keeping patients healthy. Specifically, the partnership will focus on ensuring sicker patients are receiving more proactive and timely care through a comprehensive care management and team-based approach.

We are confident that participation in DCHI’s Practice Transformation Services Project and work with Remedy Healthcare Consulting will continue to improve and enhance our Delaware ACO.