Aledade Expands First Primary Care Physician-led ACO in Missouri

November 25, 2020

Bethesda, MD — Today, Aledade, Inc. announced it has expanded its primary care physician-led Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in Missouri. First announced earlier this year, Aledade® Missouri ACO is the first independent primary care physician-led ACO in the state. Aledade Missouri ACO is made up of five independent practices consisting of about 35 providers caring for more than 6,000 Medicare beneficiaries.

The Aledade Missouri ACO is supported by local partner Primaris, a leader in healthcare quality business solutions with more than 30 years of experience in Missouri. By partnering in the ACO, Aledade and Primaris will help doctors deliver high-quality care through a focus on care coordination, population health management, and preventive care.

Aledade offers a new model of primary care by partnering with physicians to build and lead Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) – networks of physicians who band together to deliver coordinated care to patients. Aledade ACOs allow doctors to stay independent, practice medicine like they’ve always wanted to, and thrive by keeping people healthy. The Aledade model operates under a value-based payment structure that rewards positive health outcomes for patients, instead of the volume of health care services delivered.

“Aledade believes primary care is the foundation of an effective health care system and we’re excited to help physicians in Missouri deliver high-quality, personalized care. With Aledade’s new model of primary care, the ACO practices will be back where they should be: quarterbacking their patients’ health care,” said Dr. Farzad Mostashari, CEO and co-founder of Aledade.

Aledade Missouri ACO includes leading practices ranging from solo-physician to large multi-clinic practices. The current members of the ACO include: RIA Medical, LLC. in Wentzville; Dr. Stansfield Family Medicine in Hillsboro; Sparks Clinic in Kirksville; Hannibal Clinic in Hannibal (multiple locations); and Lacroix Medical Center in Cape Girardeau. Aledade will continue to identify and recruit high-quality practices through mid-September with the support of Primaris, which provides unmatched knowledge of the local health care landscape and in-person guidance to the ACO practices.

“ACOs have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate improved care in this shifting healthcare landscape,” said Richard A. Royer, Primaris CEO. “Primaris is ready to hit the ground running, providing tools and support to help this Missouri ACO start seeing improvements very quickly.”

In the Aledade model, Missouri primary care physicians are provided unparalleled regulatory expertise; best practices from a national network of hundreds of primary care doctors; user-friendly technology and data analytics that provide visibility into the spectrum of care their patients receive outside their office; and face-to-face practice transformation support.

“The Aledade model follows the simple, but radical idea that Aledade only succeeds when our practices succeed. We are trusted partners who deliver everything primary care physicians need to thrive in new value-based care models, from technology infrastructure, to regulatory expertise, and local in-practice support,” said Nick Bartz, Executive Director of Aledade Missouri ACO.

Since its founding in June 2014, Aledade has grown tremendously, partnering with more than 110 practices across 11 states, covering more than 100,000 patients, and taking accountability for nearly a billion dollars of annual medical costs. Aledade is also expanding into new patient populations and entering new markets. Recently, Aledade announced new partnerships with (1) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana to provide care to their members, (2) 10 Federal Qualified Health Centers in West Virginia to provide care to low-income patients, (3) West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency to provide care to state and public school employees, and (4) new ACOs forming in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

New data shows that Aledade ACOs, in 2015, had a 251 percent average practice increase in preventive care visits and a 175 percent average practice increase in transitional care services, resulting in a decrease in hospital readmission rates. Aledade ACOs had a $51,000 average increase in practice revenue in 2015.

All Aledade practices offer same or next day appointments for patients with urgent needs, and 95 percent of Aledade physician partners provide 24 hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week patient access to an on-call doctor. All new and existing ACOs manage these cornerstones of care through Aledade’s proprietary, cloud-based technology and analytics platform.

Founded in 2014, Aledade® offers a new model of primary care that puts physicians back where they should be: quarterbacking their patients’ health care. Aledade partners with primary care physicians to build and lead Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that allow these doctors to stay independent, practice medicine like they’ve always wanted to, and thrive financially by keeping people healthy. Aledade provides data analytics and user-friendly technology to help doctors provide more seamless care, unparalleled regulatory expertise, the best practices shared by a national network of hundreds of doctors, and face-to-face practice transformation support. Based in Bethesda, MD, Aledade is led by CEO and co-founder Dr. Farzad Mostashari, former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Since its founding in 2014, Aledade has established successful organizations in New York, Delaware, Maryland, Arkansas, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, and Kansas, which care for more than 100,000 patients.

At the heart of the Aledade model is the simple, but radical, idea that Aledade only succeeds when partner practices succeed in delivering better care at a lower cost. For more information, Aledade is a registered trademark of Aledade, Inc.

Primaris is a healthcare consulting firm that works with hospitals, physicians and nursing homes to drive better health outcomes, improved patient experiences and reduced costs. For more information, visit and follow @primaris_health.

August 4, 2016

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