Putting Your Patients First: Take Advantage of CHC-Specific Support

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There's another way to put your patients first. Join Aledade's nationwide network of CHC ACOs to bring the benefits of value- based care and an Aledade partnership to your patients and your community. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has set a goal: they want every single Medicare patient to be enrolled in a value-based care arrangement by 2030. That means more than 3 million patients will need to join value-based care every year. Aledade's nationwide network of Community Health Center (CHC) Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is helping more than 140 CHCs like yours thrive in value-based care with real-time patient data, optimized workflows and new revenue streams. We're invested in your success, let us show you how. *Payer contract availability varies by state. † Metric based on past year 1 performance. Fee-for-service increase not guaranteed. ‡ Results achieved in Performance Year 2020. Results not guaranteed. § Performance Year 2020 shared savings results. Shared savings not guaranteed. Enroll in an Aledade ACO today to begin offering value-based care benefits to your patients and community now. Click here to schedule a consultation with our team. Financial Success, security and sustainability § 100% of Aledade CHC ACOs earned shared savings $238 per patient $30M to CHCs Better care for patients over time ‡ 100% of CHCs in Aledade ACOs achieved fewer hospitalizations 100% of CHCs in Aledade ACOs conducted more annual wellness visits 75% of CHCs in Aledade ACOs received HRSA Quality Improvement Awards 31 CHCs in Aledade ACOs recognized as Health Center Quality Leaders Immediate enrollment benefits Access to ACO peers and Aledade network of CHC experts with 100+ years of combined experience managing and running CHCs Access to patient claims data via multi-payer contracts* Hands-on support to optimize staffing, streamline operations and connect with your hardest- to-reach patients Cutting-edge technology that streamlines workflows, enables quality reporting and accurate risk coding, and boosts Medicare fee- for-service revenue† CHC-specific support for work like securing grant funding, and clinical intervention support to identify and address health disparities

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