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3 Reasons Why CPC+ & Primary Care First Practices Should Join an MSSP ACO CPC+ Quality Payments Patient Experience eCQMs MIPS CQMs ED Utilization Bonus Acute Hospital Utilization Bonus Up to $48 per patient per year Survey combination 2 - Diabetes Control (#001) BP Control (#236) X Up to $7.92* Up to $16.08* X -10% to +50% of total payments CAHPS - Practice level CAHPS - ACO level Must pass quality threshold to receive savings 3 - Diabetes Control (#001) BP Control (#236) Colorectal Cancer Screening (#113) 3 - Diabetes Control (#001) BP Control (#236) Depression Screening & FU (#134) Advanced Care Plan (#47) Can report the three eCQMs as MIPS CQMs Important in reducing total cost of care Unplanned readmission (#479) Unplanned admissions for MCCs** For metric performance based adjustment 1. Program requirements align with MSSP ACO Aledade ACO Advantages Get more rewards for doing the same work. Aledade core initiatives perfectly align with CPC+ and Primary Care First requirements (comprehensive care delivery, strong focus on utilization and decreasing cost of care). Don't leave money on the table. Join a Level E or Enhanced ACO to get one more year of the 5% Advanced Alternative Payment Model bonus. 2. Recover lost revenue & maximize value-based care reimbursement Earn more. Aledade practices earn an average of at least $150 per patient in the form of shared savings. Aledade independent primary care practices like yours earned $93M in shared savings for their performance in 2020. Get full support. Aledade gives your practice local on-site experts, integrated actionable data and a user-friendly App for population health management. -$100,000 $0 $100,000 $200,000 $300,000 $400,000 -$2,448 $167,328 $121,430 $89,640 $375,950 MSSP Payments Performance Payments CPT Payments Monthly Payments (Annualized) Example is based on practice with 500 attributed patients $89,640 $256,970 $346,610 $365,103 $339,312 $44,976 $199,059 $121,068 $73,392 $256,970 $8,950 CPC+ Track 1 CPC+ Track 2 PCF+MSSP 2021 FFS -30% -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% FFS PCF FFS + MSSP PCF + MSSP -30% -20% -10% 0% 10% 40% FFS PCF FFS + MSSP PCF + MSSP Switching from CPC+ Track 2 to... Switching from CPC+ Track 1 to... 3. Get CPC+ ROI in MSSP ACO Practice team-based care model. Aledade supports excellence in primary care and population health with integrated, real time actionable data insights at the point of care. Accelerate success in value-based care. Aledade's comprehensive model is tailored to your practice and acclerates success in all your value-based care contracts regardless of patient insurance. Ready to join an Aledade ACO? For more information contact or visit -24% -16% 2% 11% 3% -30% -22% -5% ** MCC: Multiple Chronic Conditions * ED and AHU bonus are included in the quality payment amount PCF MSSP Aledade ACO Advantages Aledade ACO Advantages

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