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Policy Update: Proposed Changes in E&M by Code

As August kicks off, we look forward to a better start to September and continually rising
vaccination rates.

2022 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Focus on FFS Payments

Things are always a little more complicated than just the headlines. While the conversion factor is indeed proposed to come down by 3.75% due to expiring COVID-19 stimulus, this does not mean every code would be reduced 3.75%. While not the huge jump in E&M values we saw in 2021, E&M continues to grow compared to procedures in 2022. Below are some of the proposed changes in E&M by code:

As you can see, none of E&M, Transitional Care Management, or Wellness visits would incur the
full 3.75% cut from the expiring stimulus. TCM would even experience an increase in its payment. The large increases seen since 2020 remain in all areas with the exception of Welcome to Medicare and the Initial Annual Wellness Visit.

Aledade’s Virtual Hill “Day” Underway

Each year, Aledade connects physicians and practice managers with Congressional staffers so
the staffers can gain an appreciation for the work that happens at independent physician
practices and CHCs. We also advocate for issues such as fixing the rural glitch, extending the
bonuses for participating in value-based models, and other issues related to our work. We have
already met with representatives from Michigan, Virginia, and Delaware with more states lined up for the following weeks. If you would like the opportunity to speak with your Congressman or
Senator’s office, we would be happy to try and arrange it, help you prepare (we promise it’s easy),
and attend the meeting with you. Just reach out to us at