Ari Damasco: Celebrating Pride, Trust and Community at Aledade
June 26, 2023

Profile photo for Ari DamascoI’m Ari Damasco, he/him. I’ve got a ton of intersecting identities, however, given that June marks Pride Month, I’ll spotlight my queerness: I’m a trans man! 🎉

I’m also the Senior Performance Specialist on the Growth Enablement team.

My job generally entails sitting in project meetings to point out patterns, facilitate conversations and improve workflows. I get to say things like, “let’s zoom out for a second,” or “what are our priorities,” and “let me know once you can see my screen”.

I’ve been at Aledade for almost a year and my experience has been positive, largely due to my team. My boss, Ceil Tilney, could teach a masterclass on psychological and emotional safety – it shows in the way that my team is able to work together. (Photo below; we’re so dang cute!)

The collaborative nature of our team has fostered a sense of trust and community. I can trust that my teammates will appreciate, respect and value me regardless of whether I’m able to bring my full self to work.

Everyone deserves this type of community. The Pride ERG here at Aledade provides that opportunity to anyone who’d like to join. I’m so grateful to have access to this space, especially during times when it’s easy to feel isolated, targeted and disheartened with the state of the world.

Pride is year-round and it’s not only about claiming who you are in full. Pride is also about sharing joy and being proud of the community around you: those who see you, respect you and celebrate you.

We are all deserving of a community that backs us.